Photo Manipulation + Retouching + Color Grading Tutorial

We will be covering a great deal of things in this large tutorial. You will certainly find out step by step how you can develop any cartoon character you think of making use of photo manipulation, retouching and color grading techniques. With just Photoshop and stock images (or your own) you can produce an unique caricature that can be a logo design, a mascot for an item, a character in an ad, and so on. You can obviously make use of the same methods described in this tutorial, in a more subtle method, to spice up your pictures or images.


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How to Create Cartoon Character with Photo Manipulation and Retouching?


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Imagic Photo – Image And Photo Enhancement Software

If you are anything like me, you might spend hours in Photoshop or some other picture effects software application, editing and airbrushing your pictures, playing with the color and changes up until they come out ideal. However that takes a lot of time, and starts to take away from whatever you really delight in most, which is taking photos!

You might likewise have a tough time making your pictures really stand out from the rest. Sure, lots of people can take great photos, and fact is, with high quality video cameras within many any individual’s budget nowadays, and the growing popularity of photography as a hobby, the competition between amateur and professional photographers is very, really high.

You wish there was an easier way to bring out the full capacity of your photos. Rather of having flat, uninteresting images, you want to be able to make them come alive with measurement and vibrancy, without needing to spend hours editing them, with hit-or-miss results. Read More